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Post by iancmason on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:26 am

Whats going on everyone, Im kinda new to the island and after the initiall dissapointment of not being able to get a truck here I settled on a Pajero. I didnt do the lift, but seems to be in great shape. I have two sons that are eager to get out in the mud, well the 1 year old doesnt know it yet, but he will as soon as he gets his first taste. Im ready to go out and find some to play in if anyone is down to go. Just let me know and we can set something up, nothing to dangerous cause I will have the boys with me, but something to get "a little mud on the tires". Oh and SMOKEY, Id like to get my hands on one of those stickers.........are they inside our outside sticking?

OK, I can see I have been rambling on. Sorry, just excited to get out there and enjoy the island.

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